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Trail of Tears  (AVAILABLE NOW)

This model with the Cherokee Seal inlaid into the handle is available now.   .

This knife was made at my home near Tahlequah, Oklahoma from 52100 round bar that was purchased from a ball bearing factory in Dahlonega, GA., the point of departure of one of the 3 groups of Cherokees on the infamous Trail of Tears.

The steel was forged into a knife in the shape of a tear drop to commemorate this historical event. The handle is also tear drop shaped and is made from Bois D Arc, a tree that was cut here in the Tahlequah area, the end of the Trail of Tears.

The blade is stamped with "RakeR" and "MS" on one side of the blade and stamped with 3 small tears falling from the point on the other side to represent the three groups. Not all of the tears will survive the grinding, just as some of those that started the Trail of Tears were lost.

The knife will be made with a 3 inch blade and will be almost 7" in over all length.  The handle will be of hidden tang construction with a solid handle that will be attached with epoxy and secured with a 1/16" inch diameter pin of inconel. 

 The grain pattern on the wood will vary with each knife.  They are forged in the style of my NDN models, flats left as forged and tool blackened. 

They will come with a Certificate of authenticity and a leather sheath.  A video showing how the knife was made, from start to finish is available to the public on YouTube.  The total price which will include shipping is:  $195.00.



A new model will be featured shortly in a very limited quantity with the wood from the roof of Seminary Hall.  This wood was given to me about 20 years ago to make flutes from.  I had a small batch of it stabilized and will be offering it soon.  It will also have the Cherokee Seal in the handle. 

   8 - 30 -15

A short video made for Cherokee Culture Keepers


Multiple items

For the Rail Road Spike knife collector

These were made from spikes found in Oklahoma and in Billings, Montana.  They will be stamped on the head of the spike to show where they were found.   For display purposes, the RR Spike knife can also be displayed on a fish tail spike stand.  The stand will come with the RR Spike Knife. 

The total cost will also include the shipping. 



       The fishtail spike stand.

Price reduced for the holidays.  Now is the time to purchase that unique Christmas or birthday gift.

Total price:  $65.00       



For those that may want a Rail Road Spike knife made from their own spike, send the spike to me to forge and I will deduct $10.00 from the total price.  I will also furnish the elk hide pouch sheath or fishtail stand that is the same as I furnish with mine.   If possible, I may stamp your spike for identification for future reference.     




This is the Pig dagger, designed for the hog hunters to dispatch their quarry without putting their dogs in jeopardy.  They come with a Tec-Lok belt attachment to attach to belt or webbing.  Easy to draw and safe to run with.  The Kydex sheath will hold the dagger securely until needed.  Price includes Kydex sheath, Tec-Lok belt attachment, and shipping.   Total price is $305.00

This item qualifies for a discount of 15%  to active duty military personnel, veterans, police, fire, and Boy Scout leaders.




This push dagger has a 4 inch blade from .531" dia. 52100 and a sambar stag handle.  The ends of the stag have titanium caps and has a 1/4" all thread thru the stag and blade to make a secure connection.  It comes with the Kydex sheath and Tec-Lok belt attachment.  Price includes shipping. 

Total price is $285.00

This item qualifies for a discount of 15%  to active duty military personnel, veterans, police, fire, and Boy Scout leaders.




4 Inch NDN integral 

The 4 inch NDN Integral is forged from a .531" round bar of 52100 steel.  Same steel as the Trail of Tears knife.

It comes with a leather sheath and is of the hidden tang design.  The handle is scorched Bois D Arc.  $245.00 which includes shipping.






 The BOT (Big O Tear) with stag is designed after the Trail of Tears knife.  It is forged from 5/8" diameter round bar of 52100 and has a Stag handle.  It comes with a pouch sheath that is a little longer than the one furnished with the TOT knife. 

Price of $275.00 includes shipping

This knife has been sold and will hopefully have another one shown shortly.



A bare bones knife for the Do It Yourselfer

In order to utilize a lot of 3/4" round bar 5160 steel, I am offering a bare bones integral that is ready to use but needs a sheath.  This way, I don't have to wait for the sheath and I can ship the knife a lot sooner after finishing.  Below are knives that I have just completed and are priced at 15% less than the same knife made with 52100.  5160 is easier to forge and you will be able to utilize the savings in the time difference to completion.  Thank you very much for looking and can do blade lengths up to 10 inches long and 1 1/2" wide.  They will all be of the hidden tang construction and Bois D Arc wood handle material is standard.  Other handle choices will be extra.  I can also use your handle material if desired.  Just trying to get a good knife into the hands of as many people that would like one as possible.

Thank you for looking.

This is the 3 Inch with 5160 and Bois D Arc is 8 inches OAL.  $155.00 plus shipping.

One available at this time. 1-5-17(SOLD)




This is the 3 Inch with 5160 and stag is 7 1/8" OAL.  $215.00 plus shipping.





This is the 4 1/2 Inch with 5160 and some side cut micarta handle with OAL of 9 inches.  $225.00 plus shipping.





The knife shown below is a replica of the knife I made while on the Forged in Fire show last year.  I did use a solid round bar of 3/4" dia. 52100 instead of two ball bearings.  The blade length is 9 1/2" and it is  1 1/2" wide.  The knife has a hidden tang and a Bois D Arc handle.  It comes with a leather sheath and price includes shipping to the states.  International shipping is extra and can be calculated.  The total cost of the knife is $610.00.

 SOLD.  5-7-17




Apprentice Knife by Becky Martin

This knife is my Lil John neck knife and is only heat treated and sharpened by myself.  The rest of the work of grinding, handles, bead blasting, and tool black is done by Becky.  She also makes the Kydex sheath for the knife and it is available at an affordable price for a knife of this quality and cutting ability.  It has 1/8"   linen micarta scales that are attached with K&G epoxy and brass pins.  The steel for this knife is .083" thick, 1075 with 2.1% nickel (15N20) and has been tempered to a 58 Rc.  It has been field tested on cleaning fish, onions, apples, onions, string, etc, etc.  It HOLDS a very good edge and is very light and thin.  It also comes with a black bead chain for neck carry.  Blade is 2 1/2 inches long and is 6 3/4" overall length.  It weighs a mere 1 1/2 ounces.

The price of this knife is now $50.00, which includes shipping.


This knife is temporarily sold out.  I expect to have some more made by the end of January.  Thanks for looking and appreciate your business.


Becky Martin at work on the Apprentice knife.



The Lil Boner below is now also being made by my apprentice.  It will have thumb two notches and come with a Kydex fold over cover that is to keep the knife in while in the drawer or back pack.  The knife has a 4 inch blade and is 8 inches overall.  A perfect paring knife for the kitchen.  I have 2 of them in the knife block.  Becky is getting better but you can still get a good deal on these knives.  ($75.00 plus shipping)  I have made a short video of a bend test I did on one of them.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxCZiHfDGEs  Also check my Game Got page.

Temporarily out of stock.







Big Boner/Fillet Knife

This 7 1/4" knife is made from .083 1075 (15N20) and has been heat treated to 57-58 Rc.  The canvas micarta is attached with 3 nickel silver pins and Loctite glue.  This one has been bead blasted and then Tool Black applied to help prevent oxidation.  It comes with a Kydex cover and has been used for boning deer and cleaning large fish. 

Price:  $175.00  Includes shipping

Coming soon, a wide 8" slicer with same handle material.  Price to be $195.00 for this big one.  Custom ordered sets (identical handle material) can be had for approximately $450.00, depending on handle material. 



Forged to shape from 52100 steel.

This skinning hatchet is about 11 1/2" AOL and has 4" of cutting edge.  The handle on this one is scorched Bois D Arc and is attached with K & K epoxy and copper pins.  The bare part of the handle is wrapped with 8 feet of paracord  and it has about 20 inches braided for the thong lace.  The blade and tang has a forged distal taper to make it lighter and easier to use.  It can be gripped just behind the cutting edge for skinning or the end of the handle for chopping.  There is a striker notch for the fire steel supplied with the sheath.

The skinner has been differentially heat treated and tempered to about a 56 RC, same as the Bug Out Blades.  There is a striker notch on the tang for the fire steel and a hole in the head of the hatchet to utilize it as a holder for a bow drill fire starter. 

The sheath was designed by Mike Stott and myself for handle up carry.  It is made from heavy leather to provide security and safety for the hatchet.  There is a pouch on the belt loop for a fire steel (included), or for something else you may want to carry in it.  It has been riveted at the stress points to insure a lifetime of service.


$345.00 Which includes shipping

(Temporarily out of stock)