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Page Updated October 27, 2015



The mill specs for the 1 3/4" 52100 round bar:

                        C= 0.93    Mn= .30    S= .006    Si= .200    Ni= 0.05    Cr= 1.37       Mo= 0.01

  I have used this steel to pass my performance tests for the Journeyman and Mastersmith tests of the ABS and to win a lot of the cutting competitions of the ABS Hammer-Ins.  It was used to placed first in the 5" hunting knife, 8" tactical, 10" regular cutting and the first First Place at the Spirit of Steel with a 10" damascus blade of 52100 and 15N20.  For those that may want a bit of back ground on the steel and how it performs, Cliff Stamp did a test on it several years ago and some of the results were posted on Blade Forums.  Below is a link to the thread.

1.75" 52100 round bar  $30.00 per foot  (8.36 pounds per ft. )


 Price is per foot plus shipping.


3/4" 5160 round bar  $4.50 per foot  (1.5 pounds per ft.)

The mill specs for the 5160 :   C= 0.61    Mn= 0.78    S= 0.02    Si= 0.20        Cr= 0.79 


5/8" 52100 round bar  $5.00 per foot  (1.0 pounds per ft.)


3/4" 52100 round bar  $7.50 per ft.    ( 1.5 pounds per ft.)


1" 52100 round bar    $13.40 per ft.  (2.675 pounds per ft.)


New size Available of 52100 Round Bar.

Best Buy At $4.00 per pound

.531" diameter - $3.00 per ft. (0.75 lbs per ft.)  This size would be easier to hand forge into a small knife such as the full tang integrals shown below.


Mill specs. for .531" dia. 52100;  Carbon- 1.01,  Si- .26,  Mn- .33,  P- .011,  S- .002,  Cr- 1.44, Ni- .02


Shipping address zip code is 74465 and USPS calculator is to help calculate the shipping costs to your address.  I ship priority mail unless otherwise specified by customer.

Priority mail has a flat rate box  that I can ship at least 30 pounds in for $12.65 plus $.65 confirmation cost.  If you can use pieces in lengths of 12" long, then that would be the cost of shipping priority.  I have also included a list of the places I will be in the coming year for those that live close enough to pick up their orders.




Contact  Ray Kirk     Cell:918-207-8076  or

Mailing address; PO Box 1445, Tahlequah, Ok. 74465

For shipping UPS; 25494 So. 530 Road, Park Hill, Ok.  74451



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Mailing address:

P. O.  Box 1445,  Tahlequah, Ok.  74465  1-918-207-8076

Shipping address:

25494 So. 530 Road,  Park Hill, Ok.  74451