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This page contains a collection of knives that I have made over the years.  They represent the knives I enjoy making (which is about all kinds) and no longer have.  Some of you will recognize your knife on these pages and I want to thank you for having it.

This was my 5" competition blade that was used to win the hunting knife cutting contest in the spring of 2001 at Washington.  A handle of scorched Bois D' Arc wood on a forged blade of 52100 that was differentially heat treated.  A slight etch shows the temper line.

This damascus bowie was used to win the first Spirit of Steel cutting contest in September of 2002.  I also used it to take the MS performance test and it broke a split second after I was told to stop. The next one passed with flying colors.  Both were made of 300 plus layers of 52100 and 15N20.  My favorite mix for contrast and performance.


My wife's neck knife of ladder pattern damascus with ivory handle and scrimshaw by Charles Conner.


Old bone and damascus neck knife. (Coin is a quarter)


A pearl and damascus dagger.

  A 52100 blade.

This 52100 camp knife was used to win the first cutting competition at the Batson Bladesmith Symposium in Alabama in April of 2001

A 7" fighter of 52100 and snakewood.

7 1/4 Inch Fighter

This knife was forged from 52100 steel and was to be one of my knives for presentation for my master smith stamp. It has been differentially heat treated and the false clip is not sharp.   It has 410 stainless steel for the double guard, ferral, and butt cap.  The handle is fossil walrus ivory



Damascus Integral with Sambar Stag

This firestorm damascus integral was forged from a pattern taught to me by Jerome Anders and John Martin.  The steel in the blade is a mixture of four high carbon steels; 52100, 1095, 4352, and 15N20.  The blade is five inches long and the knife is nine and three eights inches in over all length.  The butt cap of the stag is the tip of the fossil walrus ivory used on the handle of the fighter.


The skinner has a 3 3/4" long blade that is.127" at the ricasso.  It has a tapered tang and a full distal taper on the blade.  The mammoth ivory scales are attached with 3 nickel silver pins.  The knife is 7 3/4" in over all length.  Premium leather pouch sheath by Mike Stott.

This knife is forged from 52100 and has a twisted damascus S guard.  The hidden tang is covered with premium grade curly maple and is attached with K&G epoxy and nickel silver pins.  The lanyard is parachute cord from my son in the Marines.  The overall length is 14 3/4". The blade is almost 2 inches wide and a length of 9 7/8".  The flat ground blade is 1/4" thick at the ricasso and has a distal taper with a clip point that is slightly background.  The knife weighs about 16 ounces and  has been differentially heat treated.

Price as shown: $245.00

The Medicine Blade is an integral style knife that was forged by Ray Kirk of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a Master Smith in the American Bladesmith Society and a Citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Each blade has been forged from a round bar of 52100, a high carbon steel of extreme high quality, and then **smoked**. The handle material on this hidden tang knife is a solid piece of  burl that has been stabilized by one of the best stabilizers in the business, K&G of Lakeside, Arizona. The specially made high quality leather sheath was made by Mike Stott of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The sheath has been specially designed to safely contain the blade until it is ready to use. The length of the differentially heat treated blade with a distal taper is 3 7/8 inches and the overall length is 8 5/8 inches.    Blade lengths will probably vary an 1/8" due to each one being forged by hand. 
Each knife is marked on the blade with the stencil “RakeR” with the “MS” directly below. The other side will have the stencil of “MEDICINE BLADE” and Ray’s Cherokee Register Number, “COO41719", below it.
Every effort has been made to insure that each blade will provide excellence in both performance and behavior. 
** The blessing of something with a Cherokee ritual which involves the use of smoke and prayer. This ritual is to impart good spirits to the knife so that the blade may help the owner. **

Price as shown: $255.00

Scagel Style Folder pattern that was  bought from the ABS that was donated by Jerry Van Eizenga of Nunica, Mi., an excellent teacher of the folder.  These  blades are made from 52100, a high carbon ball bearing steel, and 4352, a medium carbon steel with 1.7% nickel to retard stress cracking and is used as a military track pin steel.  Handle material may vary from stabilized wood, stag,  bone or ivory.  The liners are  titanium and the scales are attached with three 2-56 screws.  This allows for adjusting the hinge pin and keeps from cracking the handle material.  The price of the standard model with micarta or wood scales is $255.00.  Other handle and blade material will determine final cost.

Price as show: $235.00

The standard folders come with stabilized  burl scales and  titanium liners and.  The scales are attached with screws to eliminate stress cracking of the handle material from peening.   The spring is made from 4352, a medium carbon, high nickel steel which also is designed to reduce stress cracking from bending.  Over all length is 3 3/8" and blade of 2 1/8"


Price as shown: $170.00 which includes shipping.

The Pocket Medicine blade is a small fixed blade that has been forged from a 1 3/4" round bar of 52100.  This is the smallest of the Cherokee Heritage Series knives.  The standard handle material is stabilized maple burl or stabilized California buckeye burl.  The 3" blade on this tapered tang knife has been differentially heat treated and is about 6 1/4" in overall length.  The knife weighs about 2.4 ounces and comes with a billfold size pocket sheath made by Mike Stott of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  Also included is a certificate stating the materials and other information about the knife.



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