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This new series of models were designed for hard use and not fail you when you need them the most.   All these full tang knives are made from 52100, a steel that I have been using since 1996.  I have used this steel to pass my performance tests for the Journeyman and Mastersmith tests of the ABS and to win a lot of the cutting competitions of the ABS Hammer-Ins.  It was used to placed first in the 5" hunting knife, 8" tactical, 10" regular cutting and the first First Place at the Spirit of Steel with a 10" damascus blade of 52100 and 15N20.  For those that may want a bit of back ground on the steel and how it performs, Cliff Stamp did a test on it several years ago and some of the results were posted on Blade Forums.  Below is a link to the thread.


   The flats on these knives have been left in the as forged condition and after grinding, heat treated and bead blasted, a coat of tool black is applied.  These knives have a forged in finger guard, thumb notches, tong hole, and fire steel striker notch on butt.  The blades and short section of the butt are differentially heat treated.  The blades  are then oiled and finished.  The two smaller ones have a fire steel under the Para cord wrapped handle and the larger one has a horse stall mat for the handles.  The horse stall mat is the same material that a lot of the competition cutters use for hard use cutting and is a compressible hard rubber .  Below is a list of the blades with pics.



Knife - blade of 3 1/4" and OAL of 7 1/4" --- $165.00.00 ea.

Weight:  4 to 4.6 ounces   8 - 31 - 11

Kydex sheath (.063" front and back) with   Tek-Lok belt attachment.

  I have   TWO   at this time.






Knife - Blade of 4 1/2" and OAL of 10"  ----- $195.00.00

Kydex sheath (.092" back and .063" front)  with Tek-Loc belt attachment.



  (SOLD)  5-5-17





Knife - Blade of 7" and OAL of 12 1/2"  ---- $285.00

Kydex sheath (.092" back and .063" front)  with Tek-Loc belt attachment.

SOLD    7-14-14   





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