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Damascus Items

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These damascus key ring fobs are priced at $25.00 and that includes shipping.

These are temporarily out of stock.









This is another version of the damascus striker that was modified by a customer of mine to open  an acetylene

bottle and is slightly larger than the previous striker.  Price of this tool is $16.00 which includes shipping.



This tool is patterned after a sample pipe cleaner for an order. 

 It is a one time batch and is made with Alabama Damascus.  It

has the tamper (with added small hole for extra air), scraper,

and 1/16" inconel wire for cleaning out the stem.

Price of this item is $55.00 which includes shipping.




A Key Ring Tool for Emergencies and every day needs.

This is a damascus version of the Raker Ring Tool which has the medical oxygen bottle wrench,

1/4" hex, screwdriver, bottle opener and seat belt cutter.  This tool comes with a large stainless

 steel split ring which is part of the tool and is used to leverage the tool for it various functions.

 About the length of the rest of the keys on the key ring, it does not interfere with the keys.

Price of this item is $40.00 and includes shipping.









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P. O.  Box 1445,  Tahlequah, Ok.  74465  1-918-207-8076

Shipping address:

25494 So. 530 Road,  Park Hill, Ok.  74451