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Jigs for Integrals

I am not making any more of these at this time. I will be available for information on how these are used and can help if needed.  The centering jig can be made easier than the one shown with the aid of a good drill press and dermal tool.

The alignment jig is simple for you to make and will make the full tang integral a whole lot easier.


These integral jigs have been designed to help in the alignment and centering of the blade and tang on what I call integral knives, knives made from round bar with the bar left as the bolster.

I have made a video that is on YouTube and the ABS web site.  A link to the YouTube video is at 

watch-v=tVzZFTbenYM& .

These jig sets are numbered and weigh about 27 pounds for the pair.  The price of the pair is $300.00 which includes four feet of .531" dia 52100, three feet of 3/4" dia 5160, and my DVD's on how I make my knives. (A $43.00 value)  They can be ordered with 3/16" or 1/4" spacers for the blades and tangs.  I ship by UPS and will need to know your zip code to determine shipping charges.

I do accept PayPal, checks, cash, money orders or credit cards.  Method of payment is what ever is easiest for you.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email and I will try to answer your questions.  If you wish to reserve a set, please let me know approximate date of delivery.

For those in the Eastern part of the country, I will be at the ABS Hammer In at Haywood Community College on Oct. 20-21, 2012.  I will be using these jigs and demonstrating the use and methods I use to make integrals.  My demo will be on a full tang integral and will also try to show how I do the hidden tang integral.  The hidden tang integral is easier and is less restricted to handle configuration.  The full tang knife will be donated to the auction during the hammer in.


The centering jig on the left is for .531" dia, 3/4" dia, and 5/8" dia.  These are the bars that I use.  You can modify it to the size you use by putting the jig in a vice and drilling the size hole for the bar that you use.  The jigs are designed to go up to a one inch bar with creating a crease in the radius of the blade.  When the hot bar has been inserted, it will center the blade or tang.

The alignment jig on the right is to put the blade and tang in  alignment. 

For a full explanation of how these work, please go to YouTube video.

Thank you.  Edited on September 2, 2015

Call or email for availability.        918-207-8076


Mailing address:

P. O.  Box 1445,  Tahlequah, Ok.  74465  1-918-207-8076

Shipping address:

25494 So. 530 Road,  Park Hill, Ok.  74451