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"Lil Darlin"

This is a small knife, over all length of about 4 inches.  It has a Kirinite scales of a bright color and for the Ladies, a hot pink Kydex sheath with molded in clip.  It will clip to the inside compartments in the purse for easy access or when dropped into the purse, will be easily found due to the bright colors.

For the Gentlemen, I have made a black Kydex sheath for neck carry or just drop in the pocket.  The small size and bright colored handle will enable the customer to quickly spot it if laid down during its use.

Generally, the small size of a knife causes some concern when using because the handle is so small in comparison to that which is normally used.  The picture below will show you how to hold the knife for almost all cutting operations.  This is not a heavy duty cutting instrument but can be used for most cutting chores.


 This picture shows how to hold the small knife when using it to open a box.  It can be held this way for most cutting applications.  This will give you maximum control of the cutting edge.


The "Lil Darlin" purse knife with pink Kydex and the neck knife with the black Kydex.

Due to new developements in producing this knife, the price has been reduced.

The price for these knives is $50.00 plus $6.00 shipping. 



   PIK Kydex
   For BLACK Kydex sheath


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