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NDN is the name that I have given to this new series of knives.  They will all forged from a round bar of 52100.  They will be available in  hidden tang, integral style knives.  They will be offered in blade lengths of 3 inches to 9 inches and of different blade styles.  These knives will have the flats left in the "as forged" condition and will be hollow ground blades with the top of the blade slightly beveled.

These knives will be offered on this site as they become available.  


The NDN models will be forged from .39" diameter round bar up to 1" round bar.  All NDN will be made from 52100 steel

Pricing of the Knives

The base price of a 3"  NDN from .39" will be $140.00 and extra blade length will be computed at $15.00 per inch. 

3"  NDN from .531" is $155.00 plus $25.00 per extra inch.

3" NDN from 5/8" is $165.00 plus $30.00 per additional inch.

3" NDN from 3/4" is $185.00 plus $30.00 per additional inch.

3" NDN from 1" is $225.00 plus $35.00 per additional inch.

This does not include leather sheath.

The base price of a leather sheath for a 3" knife will be $30.00 and extra lengths will be computed at $5.00 per inch.


Below is one of the NDN Integral Models. 




This model has a 6 1/2" blade of 52100 has a Bois D'Arc handle and comes with custom leather sheath.  $260.00 plus shipping.



I have used 52100 steels for quite some time and have decided that I don't need to make a knife that won't cut as good as the 52100.  This is the steel that I have used countless times to win and place high in the ABS cutting contests as a 5" hunter, an 8" fighter, and several 10" blades in several states, this steel continues to perform. 

Thank you for looking at my knives and I appreciate your business.

Ray Kirk

Updated; February 3, 2016




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