K.E.R.T (Keyring Emergency Rescue Tool) Designed by Ray Kirk and produced by Columbia River Knife and Tool.

This key ring tool was designed to always be with you on your key ring. It has been used to cut seat belts, towing straps, rip cloth for removing clothing, open bottles, open medical oxygen bottle (old style), small pry bar, open plastic carded toys for the grandchildren, and clean my finger nails.

I am listing it again so that others may share in the using of such a fine tool. Please stop me if I get to bragging too much about it. If that were possible. 🙂

The tool lists for $9.99 each. That will be the price and with the shipping, it will be $13.00.

For two K.E.R.T’s, the total would be $24.00 and that would be including the shipping.

This is for one K.E.R.T. and shipping

This is for 2 K.E.R.T’S and shipping