The mini kukri is forged from a round bar of .531″ diameter 52100. This is the same steel as used in the Trail of Tears model. The blade is 3 inches of cutting edge and is shaped similar to a regular kukri. The design was developed after a customer asked about a kukri. I don’t make many large knives and my favorites are small using knives, 3 to 4 1/2″ inches long.
This knife comes with a Kydex sheath and a Tec-Lok belt attachment for various carry options.
The handle material is Chengal wood from Malaysia that was sent to me a long time ago for making flutes with. It is a very hard wood and I thought it would be fitting to have the wood from Malaysia on the kukri. I have just completed a small group of these knives and the total cost will be $225.00, which will include shipping to the States. Additional International shipping will be added at cost.

This is the Mini Muk. It is a small knife with a 3 1/2 inch blade of hidden tang construction. The handle is Bois D Arc. Overall length on this one is 7 5/8 inches. They will vary about an 1/8″ from one knife to another of the same model.. It comes with a leather pouch sheath and boot clip. This is the same size knife as the Mini Kukri and the Trail of Tears model. The price, including delivery is $225.00. These are available at this time for delivery.

This one is a one of a kind knife and has a 3 1/4 inch blade and is 7 3/4 inches in over all length. It has a full tang with Sambar stag scales. It is forged from a round bar of 52100 and the Kydex sheath can be worn in a variety of positions with the Tec-Lok belt attachment. The pinky ring provides a very secure hold on the knife in extreme conditions. The panabas style blade is very effective in all the cutting applications I have subjected it to.

The total price of this knife is $325.00 and the cost of shipping is included.