Beer Flipper

The Beer Flipper

A take off from my friend, Mace Vitale’s, “Beer Fork”.  Also a great grilling tool that is forged at his home in Guilford, CT.  He has a lot better knack for naming things than I do and I appreciate the help.

This simple tool was designed for the serious griller, for steaks, chops and other delicious  grilling items that could use its services.

It is forged from mild steel and has been sand blasted, tool black applied, and after oiling, wiped down and made ready for service.  It comes with a magnet to hang it on your cooker, fridge, or can be hung on other handy nails and hooks.  The price of this item is only $35,00 plus $5.00 for shipping.  If you want to buy your neighbor or friend one also, then it is $70.00 for a pair and I will pay the shipping.

The Beer Flipper comes in right or left handed models to meet the requirements of  the grilling master.  Below is a few pics of the tool hanging on my grill and fridge.


Single Beer Flipper for right hand

Single Beer Flipper for left hand

For two Beer Flippers, Will send two right hand flippers unless requested otherwise in comments or email.