This is the small Curley BS knife. It is forged from a 10 mm diameter round bar of 52100. It has about a 3″ blade and the rest of the bar is squared up and the end flattened to curl. The hand will fit between the blade and the curl and feels very comfortable to use. It has a leather neck knife sheath and comes with a stainless steel dog tag chain. The knife has about a 57 Rc and is hollow ground for ease in slicing. The total cost of this knife which includes shipping is $80.00.

The large Curley BS knife is forged from the .531″ diameter round bar of 52100 and is slightly larger. It also come with a leather neck knife sheath and SS dog tag chain. The total cost of the larger CURLEY BS knife is $110.00 which includes shipping. These two primitive looking knives are quite rugged and hold an excellent edge.