This page is dedicated to the knives made after the the Forged in Fire episode that required the making of a historical Philippine weapon designed to intimidate the enemy and cut off their heads. The PANABAS. The shape of the blade is curved and wider at the tip. It is a slicing weapon and does so with great ease.

These are made using the Panabas blade design and my method of making the NDN style of completion. They integrals are forged from 52100. They will range in blade length from 2 1/4″ to 4″ for the time being. At a later date, there is plans to make a larger model.


The slightly larger integral will be the “Pocket Panabas”, a name I borrowed from my friend, Mace Vitale, with his permission.

The large 4″ Panabas NDN comes with a custom fitted leather sheath made by Mike Stott of Tahlequah, OK. He has been making my leather sheaths for quite some time and the design is the result of what is the best style for the integrals.





These are the Pocket Panabas knives. They have about a 2 1/2″ and are 6 1/4″ OAL. They come with a leather pouch with a clip. They are forged from 52100 round bar and are hollow ground after bead blasted and tool black applied.


These are the 4" Panabas NDN. 4" of cutting edge and also forged from 52100 round bar. The stag is $265.00 plus shipping




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