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Below is a list of my favorite "Knife" and related sites.

bulletAmerican Bladesmith Society
bulletThis site fills you in on all of the activities and news  of the society.                                                                                                  
bullet ABS Member Websites
bulletLinks to the personal websites of ABS members
bulletArkansas Knifemakers Assoc.  An organization that strives to promote the image, education, and skill of knife making by having shop tours of its members and sponsoring the Custom Knife Show that is held in Little Rock, Arkansas every February.
bulletKnife Group Association.  The new web site for people who like knives and are willing to share information.  Striving to follow in the footsteps of the Arkansas Knifemakers Association and the American Bladesmith society.
bulletSociedade Brasileira Dos Cuteleiros  The SBC is the Brazilian equivalent of the American Bladesmith Society in Brazil.  This organization was started with the help of Jerry Fisk, the National Living Treasure member in the ABS.  They have a reciprocal ranking system of the ABS, if you are a Journeyman Smith in the ABS, you are a Journeyman Smith in the SBC, if your a member.  The president, Ricardo Vilar, and several members will be back in the United States at the Blade Show in Atlanta in June. Ricardo Vilar passed his Journeyman Smith test and is now a Journeyman Smith of the ABS.   Email is .
bulletRack Forge Knives:  Owned and operated by Doc Wacholz of North Carolina. A student of Master Smith Charlie Ochs who uses my favorite steel (52100) and has the exclusive rights to sell the Medicine Blades of Raker Knives.
bulletCampbell Handmade Knives  
bulletGiraffe Bone and other African supplies and powdered steel for your mosaic pattern needs.  Jerry and Sandy McClure (Man and Wife knife makers of fine knives)  
bulletJohn Martin:  John is a Mastersmith in the ABS and besides being a fine maker of forged blades, does an excellent job of inlay on the handles.  His web site is and his email is
bulletUncle Al ; the knifemakers pal from DeQueen, Ar.  Has knife supplies and equipment for sale. 
bulletDoc Wacholz ; The Rack Forge, has his, mine and other knives and related items for sale.
bulletDan Winkler ; A master smith that does period pieces that has the feel of yesteryear.
bulletDon Fogg ; Creator of a web site for information about knives and the American Bladesmith Society.  Makes beautiful knives and swords.
bulletTerrill Hoffman ; An experienced photographer that specializes in knife and gun photos
bulletSaltfork Craftsman Artist-Blacksmith Association : A non-profit organization of amateur and professional artist and craftsmen whose purpose is to share knowledge, education and to promote a more general appreciation for the fine craftsmanship everywhere.  Chapter of Artist Blacksmith Association of North America.
bulletSteve Culver :  Steve is a Master Bladesmith in the American Bladesmith Society and is also a gunsmith.
bulletRaymond Mack : A beginning knife maker I met in Bristow, Tennessee during Larry Harley's hammer in.
bullet Charles Conner:  Charles Conner is a veteran scrimshaw artist that started his craft in New England in 1974, tutored by his his school art teacher.  Charles has been full time scrimshaw and moved to Oklahoma in 1998. 
bulletMarc Cullip: A new maker that makes both folders and fixed blades
bulletLee Beene
bullet Brandhi Traweek:  Brandhi does custom Kydex sheaths;
bullet Larry Parsons;  Larry does beautiful leather work of all kinds, sheaths and saddles his specialty.  Just click on his name for his new web site.







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